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Moderators wanted - Look no further..


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Scotty - you are preaching to the choir!  Great source of info trying to help the everyday person - love it!  Reminds me of the ol' Click & Clack on Boston public radio.

See my completed bio on your site, (dave5cents in denver), I'm no mechanic but I've been studying the auto market for 60 years and love helping out the older drivers out there - deciphering all the safety issues and equipment, and helping them out of their Buick and into a safer and more economical solution. Doing the job I love - independent Auto Broker at the oldest Broker in Colorado - Automotive Search.  We actually do things right here!

Love to jump in and help... let me know

Cheers,  Dave Nichols


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Hello Dave, welcome to the forum!  You don’t have to be a moderator to answer questions and help others out.  There are plenty of questions to answer - jump right in!


How are you going to handle mechanical questions with no mechanical experience?

He doesn't have to.
Being an auto broker means he can help people with vehicle selection, and we get plenty of those questions.

Great. Then he can surely help out with upholstery selection.

I miss cars that had real upholstery options.


pretty high ratings for your business


good job Dave!

Thanks.. we really try to do things right around here. Transparent and honest.