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MR2 Spyder (1ZZFE) bad gas mileage


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Hi! I'm getting bad gas mileage on my 2003 Mr2 spyder. I was getting 29-30 mpg and now only 23-24 mpg, I don't really feel a difference when I drive but the gas mileage has been worse lately.

I was thinking that maybe cleaning the throttle body and replacing the air filter could help, but I want to know what else I can look for. Thanks a lot! 

Brakes - pads or drum brakes, or emergency brake, are dragging in on condition. Engine uses more gas to overcome this.

We appreciate your help. Please put your answers in approprate section. Thank you.

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@yaser is right (per usual). I bet those spark plugs and your tailpipe has soot on it - that gas is going somewhere.


Oh, the probably do! I’ll change them. It’s my first car and I got like two or three months ago, but I don’t drive it too often.


How many miles on the car?

Posted by: @galeanom

cleaning the throttle body and replacing the air filter


Check the tire pressure, spark plugs. Adding some fuel injector cleaners in the gas tank could help too.

Thanks!! I’ll get the fuel injector cleaner. Got the throttle body cleaned and the filter replaced, didn’t test the mpg yet but I hope it helps too


Edit: the car has 129K miles, I drove it less than 2k since I got it

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I would also check your MAP sensor for proper operation.  Sometimes, they can be removed and cleaned, sometimes they just need replacing.  Also check all electrical connections to the sensor for corrosion.