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[Solved] Need to know ab reliability/ practicality 17yr old first car


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scotty i’m a huge fan! i love your videos & you teach me so much. i know you only have one video on scion frs but don’t talk ab what i need to know. can you pls make a video or let me know if a 14-16 frs would be a alright first car for me @17. something rides nice looks cool & easy to maintenance but i really need to know about the reliability on them & if they will last me. don’t wanna be working and spending $ on it all the time, thanks ur the best:)

(forgot to mention I prefer a manual transmission)

(update rlly thinking about getting one, cool looking car for a 17yr old fun manual good gas & insurance rates w 4 seats. Scotty said in his 86 video they’re slow but fun little cars anyway that should last. Hoping to find a reliable one!

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Have you looked at other reviews online/ tsb's? They should more or less give you a good assessment on whatever you are looking for. Personally I think the car is slower than an mr2 and I hate to see em riced out. Engineering wise. The 4 cyl boxer is ight. Suspension is easy to work with, pretty cheap parts if need be. Basic maintenance should last you a good while.

I tried to look around & watched so many youtube’s videos but half the people have opposite sayings ! Some people say either the engines are solid & reliable & the other say they could have the crickets problem or the valve spring issue or they say since it’s a boxer it’s more likely to blow a head really early on. So i really don’t know it’s so mixed 😂 I just wanna buy a newer car but cool looking that’s gonna be reliable for me since i’m 17 can’t afford to always buy parts & work on it, need something cool looking tho since i’m a car guy & like my cars

i also don’t care what so ever about speed since the faster just the more insurance costs for me

The head gasket thing is a real thing, it is more likely, but doesn't mean it will, or it can be premature depending on if the previous owner (s) were abusive to the car. but the people who talk about the other stuff are in the wrong IMO. If you ain't gonna drive the car hard, there be less issues and ticks. If the boxers were so unrealistic they wouldn't have continued to make em. (Outback reputation) granted these are different platform FA 20 or something, but yeah.


thanks i’ll check it out ! i don’t think insurance for them on my parents plan is anything much more than a corolla or something ? It’s only a 4 cylinder & seats 4 people which the back 2 are for insurance & they are newer with all the safety airbags & all that tech stuff.


I don't think the FRS is a good first car. Not going to recommend a boring Corolla to you but I must start somewhere. What do you think about the Honda Civic? They are particularly fun to drive nimble small cars and not as impractical (is that a word?) as the FRS. Also, Scotty said the FRS was underwhelming and boring to drive with an automatic if you are wondering his opinion. He tested it out and disliked it, for what its worth. Have you tested one out for yourself? A budget would also help us greatly.

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thanks for the feedback! i’m looking to probably get a manual since i enjoy them better & know how to drive them, so if i did get an frs it would be a manual. that’s what i also forgot to mention (looking for a stick preferably) but i did look at civics & the vtech could be fun i heard? was thinking about maybe a 15 or 16 civic si or something they look sporty & are reliable solid honda engines. could be fun i guess? i’ve never drove one though neither have i drove a frs. for the budget it would be anything around 8-12k. i don’t rly think i find myself having fun in a corolla even tho they’re super reliable

I think you should take a look at the Civic SI

^^^ what he said


I would look around for a 14-16 corolla. Been shocked at the way the price flucuates on them from area to area. But an 14 corolla with 100k milea on it maintained can still find under 10k and is an easy to maintain vehicle. Personally i would take an older 80s-90s corolla but you said newer so 

corollas are super reliable & solid cars but personally since i want something manual trans that looks cool i can add some “cosmetic” mods too, maybe some cool head & taillights & wrap it. I can’t really do that to a corolla & take it to a meet it’s just not a car guy car lol. I can’t see myself in a corolla enjoy it like that.


A 17 year old camry v6 or 2003 lexus es300.

Those are good but I want something newer 2013 preferably & up

that’s cool looking maybe a sporty looking car but reliable !

If you can afford it, get the 2013 lexus gs350 in rwd.