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Hyundai 2015 Accent 1.6 Fluid Manual Intermittent Clutch Failure


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Hyundai accent 2015 1.6 fluid manual. Brand new clutch and Master slave cylinder installed. The clutch has also been bled a couple of days ago however the issue still persists. When driving the vehicle for more that 30 to 40 minutes the clutch starts releasing slower and slower until it starts slipping totally and cannot find any gear.This also occurs in heavy traffic as well. One then has to push the vehicle over to the side then wait an hour or two then you are able to maybe find a few gears until it occurs again. Once the vehicle has been parked overnight then clutch feels normal again until the issue randomly occurs again. What could this be? Multiple mechanics are not able to help and have spent quite abit already on the vehicle. Any help will be much appreciated. 

The issue with this is that we had been driving the vehicle for two years with absolutely no issues at. In heavy traffic and over long distances. Then last year with covid protocols the car was parked for most of the year. Then this year the problem started occuring(A few months after being serviced at Hyundai) . Got stuck about 3 times in total now. Friday after getting Hyundai to bleed the clutch as they said it's definitely the issue I tested the vehicle on Saturday drove to Paarl then on way back could feel the clutch starting to release slowly after stopping at a shop in Durbanville. Started car and clutch immediately started showing signs again of failure. (Started to release slower)


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Have you done the repair in a shop? If so, take the car back to the repair shop and have them fix it. You don’t want to drive the car like that, partially engaged clutch wears out your clutch. 

Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it. Yip repairs was done at Hyundai however the issue was there before any mechanical work was done. New clutch and new slave later the issue still persists. Taking the car back in this week. They seem to not know what the issue is and are throwing new parts that aren't fixing anything. Probably going to want to remove gearbox again. Was hoping someone had a similar issue previously then maybe could knock those possibilities before any big cost work happens again.

Before spending money, find an independent mechanic who works on Hyundai transmission to check it out.

Will do. Thanks bud appreciate the effort