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New Honda Ridgelines


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What do you think of the newer Honda Ridgelines in terms of daily driving, reliability, and a bed when you need it? I don't care about towing that much.

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Aesthetics-wise, the new Ridgeline doesn't seem truck like to me.  But IMHO, that works to the Ridgelines benefit, because it is slightly more aerodynamic than its predecessor.  Which leads to the Ridgeline probably being the best daily driver truck one could get on the market.

If daily driving is a priority, this is the truck to get, IMHO.


I'm regretting not taking a closer look at them when I bought my Accord. I love my car but I'd like the extra room.


The ONLY problem is....they "have a face only a mother could love." The exterior design is hideous and just off that it is a non-starter with the wife.

Isn't the styling basically a latest gen Honda Pilot/Passport? Honda apparently used a modified version of the Pilot body on the Ridgeline

It seems the last two generations of Pilot/Ridgeline take extremely similar styling queues.

The previous generation Pilot looked like a truck to me rather than an SUV.

I think I just like my trucks to look like trucks. Probably why I don't like it.


It’s a pretty good light duty truck, … plus a pretty good SUV, too! Find a good one, have it verified by a honest independent mechanic, … and you most likely will end up a very happy camper! Economy may not be as good as, … say, Accord, but you indicated truck you wanted. Yes?


I heard most people are happy with it.

Yes. Many happy owners. Just find a good one - not abused if used, then continue servicing it as miles pile up. Follow maintenance schedule, double up on liquids change outs. Oil, ATF, coolant, brake fluid. Don’t delay any repairs if something is starting to malfunction,… and you will be just fine. Only problems I heard of having with Ridgelines are ones from those who take them off road and trash them. Ridgelines are not an off road vehicles, four wheel drive models or not.

Off-roads are not my thing to be honest.


See here:


Honestly the newly redesigned Ridge isn’t a bad wannabe light duty truck. The new 9 speed transmission seems promising. Id only by the brand new 2020/21 models cause the front ends look beefier than the 2019s. 

I would trust the 9 speed transmission because it think it can take up all Honda's V6 engine power than the 5 speed and the 6 speed automatic.

@alvin I agree 👍


Livable daily driver: check. Reliable: check.  Right-size, usable bed: check.

The only thing is that the redesign for 2021 is much more trucky in appearance and will likely bring in some of the buyers who didn’t want a truck that looked like a minivan, like the 2020 model. Also, they have had some Covid delays and production has gotten a slow start.  So that means supply will likely be behind demand for a while, meaning you are unlikely to get a good deal. On top of that, initial deliveries have predominantly been for the HPD package, which looks great but adds even more cost.

So, yeah, great truck, but I would wait a little while if I could.

I would wait for a redesign because I don't need to buy it right now. I just wanted to see what you guys think even though I still think Hondas are still decently reliable . I still think it's more of a refresh because they haven't change the interior. 


Ridgeline's are are more like driving a minivan with a bed than a pick up truck ( I drive a Tacoma).  They do have a lot of nice features and Honda reliabilty, but they are not really a truck IMO