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Not car related but it makes Musk unhappy these days




isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

next time, buy them from china

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What did I just read.....

Who agrees to pay $32k for a powertrain on a Camry?

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2021 BYD EA1: Australia’s “sub-$35,000” electric car revealed


Australia’s cheapest electric vehicle: China's BYD promises sub-$35,000 van, here this year

does nobody make normal looking cars anymore?

How about a sub 15,000$ electric car
I can get a new Dodge Journey 2.4L for 14K and change at my local dealership rn

@7-3punchina3-4 are you sure? The Dodge website says it starts at $24k




Possibly the worst interview I have ever seen, especially with a man that saved Nissan from extinction in 1999

lol we will never know. It's still going on, and there are also chances that the Japanese could be racist towards successful non-japanese business people, plus their justice system is very questionable. Yes, Ghosn has made shady moves in the past, but without him, Nissan would have been extinct before the start of the 21st century.

yes. thank you for summarizing his excuses


Well Scotty Kilmer and the forum chat don't rlly talk about the current Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida, but he had something to say to the Japanese Court about Ghosn during his time in the alliance


Well, me living in Canada, I get to see this series from Nissan with the Sentra Cup where they race modified base model Sentras with manuals since we get the manuals (only on the S and fully loaded SR trims) in Canada and not the US. 


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Dunlop Tires in South Africa getting looted.



And here we go again with GM and their problems with EVs


Gets me pumped 


American Cars Are Now Almost As Big As the Tanks That Won WWII


July 22, 2021 Top 10 vehicles Americans keep the longest


If ur interested in bidding for a 93 Camry Le with under 50k miles! Go ahead and check it out on Cars and Bids!



We’ll see how they end up holding up, but I expect Toyota EVs to be more durable and long lasting than the competition’s.


Just 5 units were built, basically a Juke on steroids.


I honestly can't wait to see what they put out in the next decade.

Old Volvos already utilized massive amounts of "vegan leather", even on my C30.
Sounds to me like just really terrible marketing.

how do the rodents like it?


I don't think that this is a smart move by Volvo. While maintaining leather requires certain cleaners such as wipes and other products, what are they going to replace it with? I've heard of alcantara material because it absorbs sweat better. I would be surprised if they switched to that material by 2030.

or some cloth made out of recycled materials? My parent's Focus Electric has a combination of Leather and cloth made out of recycled materials.


And they continue...


Consider posting news articles in this thread -

Tucson and Sonata


Toyota Prius is being recalled for the hybrid systems just shutting down and a class action lawsuit for AC causing smells with the build-up of moisture and mold.


this has got to be the most hilarious recall in years. 

What are your thoughts on it? Ik one of my family friends with a 2017 Sonata is affected.


Meanwhile not far from where I live....

Some unis here in Ontario, Canada have gone wild with partying. 

Is this related to cars?

yes sort of because it was owned by a first-year student who worked hard for it and it got destroyed. Now there is a gofundme page to cover the costs for the damage that was done to the Mazda3.

So, not really


An interesting recent video about new cars failing moose tests

The guy in the vid is wrong, here's my response to his main points:

  • The Citroën can its isn’t “unbeaten”, he shows a clip out of the video where the car got tested and reached only 73kmh - on the best attempt.Just for contrast; the best attempt on a regular modern car like a Ford Focus was 83kmh

  • And than he talks about how rear weight causes the rear to be less controllable, that’s just usually is not the case - usually you’d want more weight on the rear, especially in a wagon (on the old focus wagon that’s made a huge difference - you'd get more grip due to a higher normal force)

Heres a comparison, how an extra 300 pounds on the focus wagon drastically improve its handling.

  • And when he talks about SUVs being naturally less stable, that’s not that true either - SUV versions of sedans tend to handle better And some of the most predictable cars to drive are big SUVs and crossover versions of sedans (the Tiguan is a big SUV and it handles great, the Kia Stonic and the Peugeot 3008 are both absolutely incredible to drive and handle much better than the hatchbacks they're based on)

  • And when he tries to “critique” the test, he’s wrong - they do try to slow down (not all cars have enough grip to slow down and take the turns) for example, this Skoda does it great (and they began using a much better screen for the GPS speed readout so it's easier to see)

Realistically? cars handle better now than they ever have - and the only reason we see these failures is because we have started to test them.





In short Biden is planning to bank rupt fossil fuel companies to promote ECO friendly future 

Easy words we are doomed 

They aren't looking g at bigger picture 

1 not alot people can afford electric cars 

2 they don't only provide fuel to cars but also to houses 

3 what is the point if India and Japan and other major polluting countries are not supporting how is it gonna impact change in climate 

4 Most electric car manufacturers produce more carbon than cars on road 

5 we are DOOMED 


> "They're not looking at the bigger picture"
They are looking at the bigger picture, they would never admit it in the US - but in Europe and other countries, they do admit that many of their steps are meant to reduce the amount of cars on the road.

Neither do I agree with what they're planing to do, but it's a world-wide things that's going on.

> "countries are not supporting how is it gonna impact change in climate"
I disagree on 3, if there's such a thing as climate change, the "carbon pollution" of humanity will fall by it self due to the dropping total fertility - the human population won't grow much and will eventually drop.
The facts are that the fertility rate of the world is constantly decreasing, from 5.03 in 1960-1965 to 2.47 and it's protected to soon go bellow 2.10 which is the minimum needed to sustain the current population - with the peak being projected to be at around 2050 (by most estimates except one single organization).
Even china's population is stopping it's growth and beginning to rapidly age, and even in India with the fertility rate dropping to 2.2 (just nearly enough to achieve population growth) there are 5% more people aged 10-14, than there are people aged 5-9 - meaning the population growth there is also beginning to slow.
If there are less humans there's less "carbon output" so there's nothing to worry about it, just a hoax.
This hoax also fails to account that the amount of (economically-viable) lithium on earth is limited so switching to EVs isn't a realistic option in the first place - much more limited than other resources.
My prediction is that the internal combustion engine is here to stay, probably most cars will be hybrids and looking at "mild-hybrids" (power-assist hybrids) and technology on 2022 European models it doesn't seem that bad - the older Toyota Prius, Hyundai Ioniq, Kia Niro all seem to be reliable (the oldest Ioniqs I found still had the battery health monitor at 100%) and all and very efficient.
But if they will switch to "Series hybrid" (range extended electric vehicles - like new Toyotas) we are definitely 100% doomed.


Do you have a question?

Nope but a warning ⚠️

what does the title say at the top of the page in huge 40 point font?

Red flag ?😶😶😶😶


Despite all the controversy, I don't mind the fact that they are using the 1.5 T engine and hooking it with a 6-speed manual. Its also expected to start at around $30k USD. I also really like how it looks, compared to the rather conservative-looking 2022 civic sedan.


Hey Scotty, 

I read the news on the 2022 Rogue since it moved to an all-new powertrain being a 1.5 VC-turbo 3 cylinder which is basically dumbed down from the VC Turbo 4 cylinder engine in the Nissan Altima and the Infiniti QX50/QX55 which have way more power. I know you don't really like 3 cylinder engines but this is the same displacement as a Honda CR-V minus 1 cylinder, but it does produce more power to fix the sluggishness it had with the old 2.5 NA 4 cylinder and they did upgrade the CVT to have 32% less internal friction with a new twin pump hydraulic system and new control valves. 

This engine will be standard on all trims of the Rogue from S to platinum. The S-SL trims will be assembled in the USA, while the Platinum model is assembled in Japan.

Interesting technology, but my only issue is how will this variable compression engine hold up over time since this powertrain is very oddball and only seen on Nissan products. 

Please post these in the designated News topic. Thanks.


I would pass on that car. 3-cylinder engines are not the best type of engine for a vehicle like that and with a turbo, it won't even reach 100k miles.


Just saw this on the local news:

DETROIT (AP) — Honda is recalling nearly 723,000 SUVs and pickup trucks because the hoods can open while the vehicles are moving.

The recall covers certain 2019 Passports, 2016 through 2019 Pilots and 2017 through 2020 Ridgeline pickups.

at least it won't cost them much

Calling a Ridgeline a pickup truck is a joke. It should be a felony.

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