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Noise after cold start


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Hi everyone, I have yet another noise coming from no idea where. It started when the outside temperature went down. After cold start I hear a strange noise when put to gear. It goes away after couple of miles driven or little warm up. After that all is ok. Any ideas? Thx 

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Posted by: @mariovonhallwil

I hear a strange noise

Does it sound like this?


or like this?


or maybe like this ...


Hi Joe, those videos are somewhat funny but none of them are my problem. And yes, I admit that my question lacks some info. So to correct that: 2004 Camry 1mz-fe 3.0 automatic, 98 thousand miles. I will try to make video on it and post it here. Like I have posted before, that noise is appearing after cold start and put it to gear ( any ). It goes away after warming up. It sounds like low growling.

Posted by: @mariovonhallwil

Any ideas?

The description ("a strange noise") is too vague to hazard a guess. If possible please post a link to a video demonstrating the noise.

Hi and thanks for your reply. To correct my input; 2004 Toyota Camry automatic, 1mz-fe , 98000 miles. That sound only appear after cold start and gear selected. It is not present by “ P” or “N”. It goes away after warmup.


Please answer all the questions in the first paragraph, like what vehicle are you talking about, for example?

Thank you for your response. It is 2004 Toyota Camry automatic, 1mz-fe 3.0, 98 thousand miles.