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We need a funny topic, so here it is.

Keep it clean.

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Off to a slow start. Let's turn up the funny, guys.

that is funny i have triple A

Where I live if it’s a genuine emergency that requires an imitate response it’s free, if you could’ve gotten to the ER by your self it is like $150 (most people are happy to pay that as the ambulances are a charity organization and it’s a good cause, and most of the poodle who work there are volunteers)
How much can a ride in the back of a GMC Savana cost? Lol

Welp, yikes…

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Memes are life 

LoL that title


job done. clear the light


Reminds me of one time I went to help a friend with a check engine light and some vibrations on his Citroën C4.


The engine was still there, but definitely trying to escape form under the hood… 👀

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when you have spare parts laying around and you can weld


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All right; I know this was put in by Scotty. [Where is the Laughing Jackass?]

The 2025 one looks better than the 2020 one lol

Late to the party but my daughter and I actually laughed loud enough to startle the cat. We mock these giant grills all the time in traffic! We see kids with new braces and dopey grins. They see mean driving machines. Guess it is all in your perspective huh?! 😀

.@Only1Highlander the grills and lights are out of control. I guess there's no accounting for taste

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needs to be updated with the awful new logo

Why does it remind me of the Intel logo?

@inthrustwetrust well the 2020 one has a similar feel.

Well there you go..

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Wish I had a truck

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Das Auto

It is a shame; that VW has become this bad. My first car was a 1967 VW 1500 Beetle. I really learned my Car Maintenance using my Beetle as my beginning in Car Maintenance. { Never could afford to buy the Turbo Kit for it! }


These are from a Revzilla article, but I think most translate to car ads.

Asking $16,000, make offer

Someone please give me $10,000

$11,500 firm

Someone please give me $10,000

$8,000 firm, no low-ball offers

Short of selling a kidney, I have no means of paying off the $7,500 balance on the loan on this $5,000 bike


Just give me two thirds of what I'm asking, please God

Ran when I parked it, needs carb work

The 10-year-old gasoline in there has turned to mica

Needs battery

I don't have $100 for a new battery, and even if I did, putting in a new battery would only reveal that it won't start

Turns over, good compression

At least the damn thing hasn't seized and I'm gambling you won't show up with a compression gauge

Must go this weekend

I'm six months late on the rent and the eviction proceedings are starting to get serious

No low ballers

The payoff on the loan is way more than it's worth so I have to get an inflated price

Wife says it has to go

I haven't ridden it in five years, but I'm the kind of person who feels better blaming someone else

No time to ride

I drive my car every day because it has air conditioning and I'm lazy

Over $5,000 in extras

I wasted a lot of money on farkles nobody wants

Extended swingarm, lowered

Clutch is fried from playing Rickey Dragracer at every light and the bike now handles like a garbage truck

Aftermarket exhaust, sounds great

Obnoxiously loud, guaranteed to tick off your neighbors

Stock exhaust but I removed the baffles, sounds great

Obnoxiously loud would be an improvement; also, runs poorly

Custom paint

Been crashed

Fresh paint

Been crashed

New plastics

Been crashed

Lots of new parts

Been crashed

Cosmetic flaws typical for its age

Been crashed

Converted to a streetfighter

Been crashed

Salvage title

Been crashed really bad

Barn fresh

Mice ate holes in the air filter

Barn find

Damn, I forgot this junk was still out here

Classic style

Looks dated

Instant classic

It's old


I know, because it's been collecting dust in my garage for 15 years while I've been hoping it would go up in value

Good beginner bike


Good first bike

My only hope of unloading this junk is finding an uninformed and gullible buyer

Mechanic's special

Too many problems to list

Needs a little TLC

You probably won't make it home from the sale without breaking down

Sold "as is"

If you make it out of my driveway on this thing, I don't ever want to see you or hear from you again for any reason


Basket case, everything is there

Not even God knows what's in that pile of parts

Tires still good for another season

The cords aren't showing through the tread yet

Good winter project

I just realized I'm trying to sell a motorcycle at the worst time of the year

Text only, I don't check e-mail

Internet service was cut off to my house months ago for non-payment

bike 4 sale call 4 info

I am too stoned and lazy to take a photo, use capital letters or punctuation, or type more than six words, so just imagine how well I've cared for this motorcycle

Thinning the herd

It finally dawned on me that having six motorcycles, five of which do not run, is stupid

99 Katana for sale: rare bike, collectible

Wanted: one clueless buyer with cash

I will send you a cashier's check and you can wire me the balance

Please be the one in a thousand who is foolish enough to fall for this

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is that a VW Golf? It looks like they're about to exorcise the demons out of it.

Could be, I was thinking it may be an old Saab 900

Nope, it is not Golf

It's a 2109 Lada. Those're Russian orthodox priests.


Give your oil some space..

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I think the wheel is going to land on 'Bankrupt' LoL  



I don't smoke.

But when I do, I prefer Subarus...

pickup in aisle 5



A year old video

they used hand signals, so I would let them off with a warning

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Gosh, should I start posting in this thread?!

why not. Dip your toes in

I’m afraid I won’t stop..

I'll tell you when to shut up

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the sobriety test





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They said I needed a new exhaust hangar. Did I do it right?



Not bad.

only in India, folks!



This is why Fiat cars are electrical nightmares & keep breaking down constantly all around the world. Except in Italy..


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