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Old VS New Raptor


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Which Raptor do you think would be the most reliable?

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I'd say the 1st gen one with the V8. For a big truck like that, a V8 seems more natural instead of a turbo V6 like the new ones.


If someone is looking to buy a used Raptor I would only go with the first Gen version with the 6.2L NA V8 for better reliability (skip the problematic 3V 5.4L V8 that was offered then later dropped for 2011 MY).


Honestly I’d just skip the Raptor altogether. It’s really not a truck more like a daily driver for docs, lawyers and such cause that’s about the only people that can afford them. I’d say less than 2% of those things do what they were actually built for. 


6.2L. But I'd only buy one if I were going to get my money's worth out of it offroading. Everyone buys them as status symbols and gripes when the paint gets scratched. Sad  

I agree. I would go all out with it if I had one. I would go on trips to the deserts solely for off-roading!

Heck yeah man! Get the most out of it. It's what it was built for.