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Automatic Transmission Fluid Service-2010 Acura TSX


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I have a 2010 Acura TSX, Automatic with 200000 miles. I get the car serviced at local Acura dealership for oil changes as they still have good coupons. I have never had the transmission fluid flushed and every time the dealer wants to do it. However, after watching your videos on replacing automatic transmission fluids, I have declined. Should I just let it ride and not bother with transmission fluids change. I have not had a problem with the transmission. My daughter uses the car for college which is within 5 miles of our home so she is not putting many miles on the car.

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You were smart in declining the transmission fluid flush! It would be a good idea do just do a drain-and-fill to make sure there's some fresh fluid in there. Stick with OEM Acura genuine transmission fluid - that will be the best. Also, I would recommend you find a good independent mechanic to work on that Acura. In my experience with dealerships, they try to sell you a bunch of unnecessary services as the car gets older and racks up miles. Try finding a shop in your area that specializes in Japanese cars and has a good reputation. That will save you the headache of deciding whether or not to believe the dealer.