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Peugeot 5008 GT Sport


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Love the channel, keep up the great work!

I live in Australia and looking at buying a 2022 Peugeot 5008 GT Sport SUV.

I'm interested to know how the engine and transmission fair reliability wise.

The transmission they use is an 8-speed Efficient Automatic Transmission (EAT) which is built by Toyota-owned transmission specialist, Aisin. So I'd like your thoughts on this tech and wonder if I should stay clear. 

The engine is a 1.6L turbo intercooled inline 4 cylinder DOHC with VVT. I would also like your thoughts on this engine.

I have provided a link of the vehicle below. 

2022 Peugeot 5008 GT Sport Auto MY22 (

Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Posted by: @daywalker

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They’re asking over 50 grand for a used Peugeot? It’s an inexpensive car based on cheap European compacts… no reason to buy one for THAT much.

That’s more than a brand new Lexus UX200 (a luxury SUV version of the Toyota Corolla / CHR / Corolla Cross)

Posted by: @sparerib

The engine is a 1.6L turbo

This is the PSA Prince, Aka BMW N12/N14/N18 and it has a… reputation.

I herd “every mechanic wishes to have a client with an EP6!” once, but that refers mainly to the early versions that were just horrid.

The later versions of this engine have been better - yet not great by any stretch of the imagination.

Here’s a video on the improved naturally aspirated version (use captions for English, might include profanity)

And as you can see, it’s really not great at all.


back in the day these were known for leaking absolutely everywhere, so bad that it could short out wiring (I mean it’s French wiring so sometimes it would do that just for fun anyways)

I also remember plastic thermostat housings, plastic belt tensioners and a lot more crap that would brake constantly.

I do not know if they have remedied all those issues from the early 2010s.


I wouldn’t expect one of these to run for over 200,000km with good maintenance  - so if you drive a lot, it’s a pass.

It is a 4 cylinder with direct injection and a big turbo strapped onto it… 


What I’m concerned about is wether anyone knows how to diagnose and repair a Peugeot properly in Australia.

Although it’s pretty much just a BMW N14/N18 turbo - the kind of engine you’d find in a Mini…


The diesel is the engine to go for.

Posted by: @sparerib

surely the Peugeot wouldn't be the only car manufacturer using it.

it’s your standard Toyota 8 speed FWD tranny.

Toyota uses a variation of it on the Camry, RAV4 and Highlander - you can find a few cases of these failing at new / around 100,000 miles.

They do need an additional transmission cooler.

Volvo also used these and they were fine, well shifting, smooth, sporty - it’s decent.

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thanks for your post. Mind you though its 50k AU so around 32k US with still a 5 year warranty. Ill look into the engine more, appreciate your time on the post, greatly appreciated. Ill also take a look at the lexus you mentioned. The car prices here in AUS are through the roof. Especially the used car market.

It's still a lot, more than a brand new Toyota RAV4, although this is a car of the same caliber as only a Corolla Cross and that starts at just $24,700 USD in Australia (38k AUS, GX 2.0L Petrol, CVT auto)


I know absolutely nothing about those French cars because they pulled out of the United States many decades ago. No one here buys French cars and my data system doesn't even include information on them because I have a North American data system

Thank you for getting back to me, appreciate your time. One last question, do you have any thoughts on the transmission, surely the Peugeot wouldn't be the only car manufacturer using it.


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