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Pulling to the right after changing tires


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I have changed my tires from 235/50/r17 (All-season) to 235/45/r17 (summer eagle f1 asym6)  and the car is pulling to the right. on a highway, when I release the steering wheel it pulls right away.

Honda legend 07' awd (in europe)

I had the tires balanced, then I got alignment.


Could this be because of size difference?

did you change all the tires?


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Well either you got a bad tire and that makes it pull or they're full of crap and they didn't align the thing correctly. Of course that's of the car didn't pull beforehand if it pulled beforehand it could be a tie rod control arm lots of things could be worn but if it only did it after the tires were changed odds are you got a bad tire or they just didn't line it right