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Rav4 warning ights


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  1. I have a toyota rav4 2010 with 124,000 miles on it.
  2. Hello Scotty. last sat it was raining big time here in austin texas and I had to drive through some deep water (guessing a ft) on the way I filled up with premium gas and drove 2 more miles then the check engine, 4wd, and traction control light all came on. The idle was dropping to 1.500 RPMs at stops.
  3. I checked the gas cap and tried resetting the computer unplugging the battery for one hour but no luck. The obd2 reader pulled up p0138 and p0607. This evening I turned it on and all 3 lights were off and the reader pulled no codes. My guess is water got to the o2 sensor or harness and dried out today. Thoughts? If so Seems weak to have off road vehicle that can't handle a few puddles. I'll be cleaning and waterproofing all low electrical connectors. Thank you.
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Water definitely got into something electrical. The RAV4 is made for light offroad work. A puddle 12 inches deep is more water than you think it is. If the lights are off now, they will likely come back.

The P0138 is common in the RAV4's. It is an 02 sensor issue and requires replacement of the bad sensor(s). P0607 is an ECM fault, likely related to bad data it received from the 02 sensor(s) being out of spec or the inability to read a dead sensor's data. See here for others having similar issues:


I would start by replacing your 02 sensors with OEM parts and keeping an eye out for any codes that return. 

Come to think of it is probably closer to half a foot water but that's beside the point. And I ment 0.5 RPMs not 1.5

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If so Seems weak to have off road vehicle that can't handle a few puddles.

I don’t think 1 feet of water is a puddle, it is more like a lake, you may need a boat for that.