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Repair or buy another truck?


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I own a 05 Chevy Z71 with 168k miles. Mechanic tells me the number 1 cylinder only has 10lbs of pressure. Should I spend the 3~4k to fix it adding to the 4k I have already spent on it in the two years I've owned it or go buy a newer truck?

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How is the rest of truck? Transmission, rust,... 

If the truck is a decent shape, find a good used engine from junkyard. 


If your choices are spending 4 or 5K to fix it or the $45,000  average price of a new car, I'd pick the former.


Along @yaser 's line of thinking, if the frame is solid and the tranny is good, I'd try a used engine from a junkyard. Make sure it has a warranty/ guarantee. LKQ yards offer them. Might take a few, but this is much better than paying a fortune to rebuild and gamble on quality. Nobody rebuilds modern engines or trannies very well. 


Move on. 


sell it and buy a nissan