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Scotty answers forum's questions on YouTube


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Hello everyone!

As you already noticed, Scotty picks some questions from this forum and answers them on YouTube.

You can find previous list of videos there:

In his latest video he answered questions of following members:

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I don't agree with Scotty on the 4L60e. I had one that went 200k miles (and could have gone longer) and it was shifting perfectly. And I really abused that thing.


The thing is, GM keeps making changes on those things. There are so many variations. So it really depends which vehicle it's in, which year etc. Also they can be rebuilt for under $1k because they're so common, and then go another 150k or more. So I really like them.

Yeah Scotty usually answers as a generalization rather than specifically.

It probably depends how you maintain it. Scotty said several times people don't maintain their cars.

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About a Renault's electric car at 8:57

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Thanks @G.T. for putting this up for us!

I hope it is helpful.

It really is! Keep up the great work!

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About an EV boosted camper at 8:38

Absolutely, Scotty has always answered every question I have posed to him.

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