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Should I do a VCM delete for my V6 Accord?


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I have a 2010 Honda Accord with the 3.5L V6 engine and an automatic transmission. The car currently has ~150k miles. I've heard quite a bit about how the ECO mode/VCM causes problems such as excessive oil consumption and spark plug failure, etc, and has even sparked a class action lawsuit for Honda in 2014. I personally have not seen any issues with any of this, but I'm a new owner and have only had the car for less than a year. Should I invest in a VCM deleter such as the VCMTuner? Is this a problem I should be worried about? 

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Adding Moderator @mrrangerzr1 who has knowledge and experience with VCM disabler devices.

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I bumped one of the moderators who has experience and knowledge with using VCM disabler devices.  If it were me, I would definitely disable it (to mitigate any further damage although realize the hardware is still intact - would be ideal to remove it as well but that is several thousand dollar job usually) and to my knowledge there are several devices on the market one of them is the VCMTuner II, VCM Muzzler II, and S-VCM.   In addition to responses here from others that have knowledge and experience with them, do research on each one to see the pros and cons and which is best.

Thanks for your response! I've been looking into VCMTuner II, seems that people who have tried it so far are vouching for it. I'll get it done soon, thank you!

I have used ktuner to disable vcm from my 15 accord v6 and it just became like day and night. Very responsive and very smooth. Ktuner will let you have the option to keep the factory software and just delete vcm wich is what i did on mine 6 months ago and i do not regret it

Thank you @Bunuelitos for sharing that. I went to the ktuner website products page and wondering which one you had. Is the software easy enough to disable VCM?