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[Solved] 2014 Mazda CX-5 opinions


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I have an update. The Honda's motor was no good. It had Oil dilution. there was gas in the oil. What a shame.
Ended up with a 2014 Mazda CX-5. 100k miles and could not find anything wrong with it.

Any opinions on the Mazda CX-5? I could use some opinions.

Which engine and transmission?

2.5L w/6 Speed Automatic.. The Touring Edition..

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They are great cars. Make sure to change the transmission fluid. Mazda says it is lifetime 🙄


2014 is a good year for Mazda. In 2015, they had a partnership with Toyota, and in the 2014-2017 years they had their own powertrain and proven to be reliable, and didn't have turbos or cylinder deativation. Not as good as lets say a Toyota, but still a good crossover. The 2.5 engine is also good because it isn't as sluggish as the 2.0.

Here is what Scotty thinks:

(BTW they are two different videos even though he used the same thumbnail)


Also about the video Day Walker put above, its outdated. Scotty's opinions have changed rapidly in the last year or so as the newer Mazdas are improving. Scotty is refering to the Mazdas of the time of Ford 8 10 15 years ago, as that was what he was working on at the time. Now, you can find his opinions in the above videos, and I see him commonly refer to Mazdas as "good cars" and "excellent choices" etc. 

Here is what Scotty said in 2019:

"Lately my customers with Mazdas they've been reasonably happy with their vehicles and they are pretty dependable" He ranked it 3rd in the best car brands after Toyota Honda (if you don't count Ford as he wasn't refering to their cars)

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If it has an Aisin tranny in it, it can be a pretty good car. That was when Mazda had a relationship going with Toyota.

It does.. and it was built in Japan.. Hope that helps.
Scotty always says the best ones are built there..

It shouldn't have an AISIN transmission. You are in the US correct? And its the Skyactive? If so the transmission is Mazda's own "Skyactiv-drive" 6 speed automatic. In fact, they've had less problems than the Toyota 6 speed automatics. Newer 2013 2014+ Mazda have pretty good transmissions.

I am in Canada


Some early ones has issues with the 2.0. The 2.5 is great.


2.5L is great, it's the same engine as in the mazda6. I'd say mazda improves little by little, 2017 is probably the best year to look for (little interior refresh and the most recent before 2018+ which have cylinder deactivation). 6 speed auto is decent. You'll get a good life out of it.


It's not a Turbo. I had a mechanic look at it and he couldn't find any issues except it needing front brake pad maintenance.

I thought Mazda fixed the transmission issues, as they have an agreement w/Toyota on the Trans.. Am I wrong?