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Should I replace my spark plugs


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I have a 2003 Toyota Corolla with 150,000 miles on it that I recently purchased —I just changed  the PCV valve and the hose line to it because  it was extremely full of gunk and oil and very sludgy And I didn’t oil change. I removed the number one spark plug and found a slight amount of sludge at the Ring portion of the spark plug around the electrode. The car does run perfectly fine but I just wanted to see if that is an issue I should look into or just change the spark plugs and wait a while to see if it continues?

Can you post a photo of it?

Sorry it took a lot so long I just figured out how to use that app on the ask her first section 😅but here is the link to the pictures 👍🏼

Looks like you missed the focus. But anyway please use the direct link so that the images actually show up, like this:

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Changing the 19 year old PCV valve was a step in the right direction.  If the spark plugs are also 19 years old, I'd get new plugs right now.


The electrodes are in good shape, but they're buried in crud. Needs an italian tune up.

Do you drive the car very little, or short trips? Does it burn oil?

I purchased a car not too long ago so I ended up having to change the PCV and also the hose to the PCV valve plus I did the ATS chemical oil solution that Mr. Kilmer recommends on his YouTube channel but I will go ahead and try that Italian tuneup you recommended and take it for higher speeds on the freeway 👍🏼

And I’ve owned it for three months and yes I do drive it quite often since I’ve owned it mainly stop and go traffic