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2015 Nissan Versa Steering violation when brake.


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Car detail:

Nissan Versa 2015, 

mileage: 92k

Troubleshoot: already changed rotors and pad  quite a few times, suspension looks good. 


Need Urgent Help Please.
went to workshop for brake job, my mechanic changed the rotors and pad, and I was all set. But after 2 months I got the pulsation and steering started to shake when i pressed the pedal at high speed, I went back to my mechanic, and he replaced the rotors and pads again, shaking and pulsation was gone and life was good, but only for 2 months, I went to my mechanic again, at this point he said it might be bad quality parts and advised me to go to dealership for Nissan premium parts, but instead i went to a different mechanic (because i didn't agree that it was the parts quality issue). So, the new mechanic replaced the rotors and pads with the part who he thought was premium quality parts, so pulsation and vibration gone, but a usual it came back after 2 months, I went to my mechanic again to report it, he said he used the premium parts, and all the suspensions looks good also, he is not sure what is wrong, and why new rotors and pads keep pulsating and vibrating every after 2 months. so, as a last resort he advised me to replace the rotors and pads with original parts from Nissan dealership, but still i am still convinced that there is something else which is messing up my rotors and pads. Any suggestion and advice is appreciated.

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Can you get a ticket for a steering violation? LoL  


thanks for the quick reply.
Just wanted to add one thing as I learned from your other post, where you asked someone if "your ABS light is on?"
So, in my case my light was continuously on, so my machinic changed the ABS rings (rear wheels), but the ABS light gone only for few days, but now it is on and off, i might not see the ABS light for few but suddenly it will re-appear from no where, and some time will vanish again if restart the car.

Note: i have a front brake problem and we changed the rear ABS rings, not sure it makes the difference.

get a professional diagnostic scan for the ABS


What sort of parts are you buying? Scotty recommends buying OEM rotors -

Posted by: @mmj

Can you get a ticket for a steering violation?

That may depend on if the officer wants to help out a brother or not..