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[Solved] 2019 Subaru CrossTrek opinions


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Hello Scotty,

I am a huge fan and have been a follower on youtube for a few years now. I am now looking at a used 2019 Subaru Crosstrek with 35,000 miles on it. Do you think this would be a good forever car since I run cars till they die or should I look elsewhere. 

Thank you for your time.

Brodie C.

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They are decent cars but for long life you better off with Toyota and Honda

Thank you!


Best if it has a manual transmission. The CVT is the weakest part of those cars and can be expected to give trouble at around 100K-150K miles. To my knowledge the CVT cannot be repaired, only replaced as a unit, and they are very expensive (thousands of dollars).

okay gotcha! I didn't know they had a CVT tranny. I will look more into this. Thank you!


To be fair, we don’t know if the newer Toyota’s and Honda’s are forever vehicles either.  Jury is still out on their long term reliability since their powertrain (and added features esp. electronics) are still new.  Life’s a gamble and the simpler (and more true and tried) the better.

@daywalker couldn’t agree with you more. There’s the go to Toyota is always the answer. But we need to actually see what’s happening and what’s being developed and the new, unproved technology. 


Also look at the recalls for 2019. 2017 and 2018 had less I believe. 

Okay ill check into this. Thank you!


My daughter has an ‘18 crosstrek and no problems whatsoever in 70,000 miles.  Granted that’s not “forever”, but it’s a good start.  I like that they are very cheap to work on and very DIY-friendly  

the crosstrek is simple, naturally aspirated, and its greatest flaw - it’s underpowered - is good for longevity because there is not a lot of strain on the drivetrain. I agree that the CVT is an issue.  But every year that goes by Subaru improves their CVTs. I’d say it’s definitely good for 100,000, probably 150.  I would have the transmission fluid changed as soon as it goes off warranty and every 50k thereafter. Based on similar Subaru’s, I think you can get 200k out of it.  To get more, you should budget for at least a new CVt.  


Why is everyone jumping on Subaru using CVTs haha? Yes, they have a history of being weak but this is what the Japanese are going to. And that’s good because traditionally speaking the Japanese perfect things over time. They work the kinks out and fix the problem. Can’t say that for American manufacturers. I will say this, do NOT tow with that car at all. Other then that, drive it and take care of it. The crosstreks, and especially the newer ones, are great vehicles. 


CVT goes out around 100.000 miles, if its a manual it can last a long time.