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[Solved] The Infamous Toyota Engine Model 2AZ-FE


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So I just saw a YouTube video which said that everyone should avoid 4-cylinder Toyota Camrys that have the engine model 2AZ-FE.  And wouldn't you know it, but my parents happen to have a 4-cylinder 2003 Toyota Camry XLE with that exact same engine type.

The video said that the problem has to do with some faulty bolt threadings or somethihng like that, whereby things get loose and oil starts to leak.  But I'm wondering if this would still be a problem if I change the PCV valve around every 60,000 miles or so in order to avoid internal vapor pressure build-up in the engine.

So should my parents ditch this car ASAP or not?  It has around 90,000 miles on it as we speak.

Thanks in advance.

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I think I'm done with this forum now.

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I can’t think of something that you can really do to solve the structural issue of this engine 

(although I’m sure that, if you want to spend the money, that there’s probably a way to modify the threads of the head bolts - I just don’t think it’s worth it as that’s far from this engines only issue)

You’ll know you have this issue when there’ll be anti-freeze in your oil.

That’s not the only issue of that engine, oil consumption (although that tends to be a much bigger issue for late production run engines), timing chain issues, terrible water pumps, cylinder deformation, plastic balance shafts, … it’s just not a good engine and IMO it’s not worth putting any really money into it, it’s a ~19 year old car anyway…

Okay, thanks for all the info. I wish Scotty would do a video on this particular engine.


You should change the pcv valve whenever you do an oil and filter change, 5000 miles.  They only cost a few dollars.

Wow, that's a lot. Should I do it that often for just this particular engine, because of its flaw, or for any car when I change the oil?

I do it on every vehicle. It's very easy and inexpensive to do.

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Does Rick's warning

Who is Rick? What warning?

I meant Scotty. And since I can't see anywhere to edit it now, I don't know how to fix it

OK. And what did Scotty say is the problem with these engines?
Do you have a link to the video?

He's done several videos on this faulty Toyota engine:




Posted by: @mmj

what did Scotty say is the problem with these engines?

ok. oil burner, and GDI-itis

Posted by: @red-line-rick

apply to cars with Japanese VIN numbers? ... Does it also apply to the Toyota Camry Hybrids

Please see the article @itwt posted. It should answer your question. I don't think the VIN makes a difference since it's a design flaw, not manufacturing defect.

Where is the article?

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the 2AZ-FXE engine?  Is that just a 2AZ-FE engine linked to a hybrid battery?

A combustion engine won't do much when connected to a battery. It needs to burn fuel.


In a hybrid vehicle, an electric motor and a combustion engine work together to propel the vehicle.

Either they are placed on separate axles, or their torques are combined with a special transmission.


The 2AZ-FXE and 2AZ-FE engines look very similar, but the operate differently.

The FXE is an Atkinson cycle engine. This style of engine is more fuel efficient , at the cost of some power.

The regular FE is the standard Otto cycle engine you're used to.


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1) Does Rick's Scotty's warning against cars with the 2AZ-FE engine even apply to cars with Japanese VIN numbers?

2) Does it also apply to the Toyota Camry Hybrids with the 2AZ-FXE engine?  Is that just a 2AZ-FE engine linked to a hybrid battery?

Thanks in advance.

Please try to keep all your related questions together under one topic, and provide all the necessary information. Thanks.

Since you guys obviously care more about policing petty minutiae and issuing librarian scolds than giving actually substantive answers, I think I'm done with this forum now. How do I delete my account here?