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[Solved] Thinking of buying a 2016 hybrid Toyota Camry with 135,000 mil


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What do you think? I dont know much about hybrids. Is it reliable as the petrol engine Camry


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That will not be as reliable as the gasoline engine.  With that mileage you are getting to a point where you could have problems with the battery and other electronics.  Walk away. 

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Do not do that. It is almost at the end of hybrid battery life. 

I didn't know that.
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Stick to a regular gas Toyota Camry.  They will last longer than a hybrid version, and more mechanics know how to work on regular gas vehicles over hybrids.  Regular gas vehicles have enough complexity as it is;  going hybrid adds to that.  Usually Toyota Hybrids can go 150,000 to 200,000 miles (generally, even a little more) before battery replacement, generator, or something in the hybrid system needs repair and that will cost $$$.  Also, finding a competent mechanic that knows how to work on hybrids will be a challenge and being a specialty expect to pay more;  going to a dealer would be very expensive as well.  I would stick to a regular gas version if you plan to keep the vehicle for a long time and put lots of mileage on it.

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I prefer the petrol version, currently it is almost impossible to find one in my area.
Do you have any proximate cost estimation, one the problems mentioned ?

Where are you located?


Don't even think about buying that with that mileage, it could become a money pit. If you want a hybrid, just lease a brand new Camry hybrid and u will be happy.

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