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Transmission Fluid


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 I have a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix Gxp with the 5.3L Engine. I don’t think the transmission fluid has been changed any time recently. I Bought the car 106k but it has 108k as of now and by the looks of the color of The ATF on the dipstick, ( barely anything on it) Should I Drop the pan and change it, add more, or just leave it ? The transmission shifts perfectly I can’t even feel a thing when it shifts that’s not the problem I just wanna keep up the maintenance what should I do ?

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Change it.

I didn't know they put V8s into Grand Prix. Nice car.

Thanks bud. I love my car it’s got a lot of get up and go and she’s very reliable. Some people talk down on Pontiac ( Grand Prix Especially ), but if you keep up the maintenance if seen some with 230k- to 300k miles without a single problem

my '92 Grand prix (rip) will always have a special place in my heart

My Uncle had 91 FireBird with only 47k miles. It’s really nice and the T-Tops come off as well. Also, I had an 04Gtp Supercharged Grand Prix And An 03 Gt Grand Prix. I want to add a bonneville to the collection soon.




Also, transmission fluid isn't supposed to get low. There should be no consumption (like motor oil). Make sure you check the level the way the owner's manual describes. Otherwise, you may have leaky cooler lines.