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Transmission Fluid Change 2011 Toyota Prius


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hey scotty have huge question i have 2011 Toyota Prius with 111,000 miles on the vehicle and i bought it when it had 60k miles on it should I change transmission fluid I want it to last a long time its my daily driver and I drive to work about a hour away 5 days a week what do you think I should do? Kind of scared to buts it a very easy job to do I just don't want to harm the transmission.

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Drain and refill it. Do not flush it. 


If the fluid is clean and there are no drive ability issues, I would do a full fluid exchange plus filter.


Drain and fill along with changing the filter.  Make a note of the mileage and from this point onward stay on top of the ATF change intervals to get the most life out of the transmission.

Also, see our ATF sticky: