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VW Passat 2,0 TDi 150 Comfortline Premium DSG 4d opinions in Denmark


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What is your opinion of this car? reliability? Diesel engine etc?

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For a few years it can be decent. If you want to keep it as long as possible, get a manual. This generation is being produced from 2015.

Forgot to mention to look for possible water pump leaks and automatic parking brake malfunction. Perhaps @inthrustwetrust and @dan know more

How can you see this generation is procued from 2015`?


Great fun combination when new and disaster when it ages due to the hightech electronics and cheap plastics. 

Teslam yaser


They aren't terrible. Generally not as reliable as a 20+ year old vw diesel. Honestly they just aren't worth it in my opinion. From my experience you're gambling by trying to save a few bucks on fuel costs. Tdis are fun to drive and what not, but when they break they do make you wish you had bought a simpler car. 

So petrol is better? The main problem about the one above is the tdi engine ?

Scotty is right about vw. Anything new is garbage. Needlessly complicated by turbos and direct injection. But I can only speak about VW's in America

What do you mean my friend? The same model in USA is another or how should i understand that?


Well, they are not great but not bad. I would personally go for the older VW TDI's since those can run forever especially with a manual. Just don't spend a fortune on it since they are not worth putting up in the long run.


No, listen to the others here & run away from the DSG. If it’s going to be a VW/Skoda diesel, get a manual or Aisin torque converter automatic.