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[Solved] 2015 VW GTI timing issues


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Hi Scotty, long time viewer of your youtube content here, thank you. I have a 2015 VW GTI with 270,000 km. i had various engine codes (P301900, P302300, P000A00 and P138800) meanwhile the car is driving normally, perhaps using more fuel. The dealership recommended to change the tensioner, chain and both camshafts along with the oil valve). I have attached a picture of the camshaft cog which shows wear, they say the need to be replaced . Can I get away with not changing the camshafts which they say come only attached to the cogs? I am aware this is not a Toyota (I have a Taco)  but i love to drive this little car~ recommendations?

GTI Cog 2
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Just change out the chain and tensioner kit.  That wear looks minimal and unnecessary to change the cams.  This is just making the dealership rich.

Thank you for the reply, are you a mechanic?