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weird sound come from engine bay when I start the car in the morning.


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Ford edge 2012 limited, 2.0L Ecoboost turbo, automatic. already have 110,000 km on it.


The car only makes the sound when I start it in the morning. the sound goes away when I release the brake. when I push the brake again, the sound comes back.

It makes me feel that the sound comes from the brake system somehow. when I push the brake, it starts to make the sound, as long as I keep pushing the brake, the sound continues, until I release the brake.

here is the video clip I made in the car.

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2010-2013 Ford Edge brake boosters were be covered under an extended warranty. You may still have time.

Does the extended warranty work outside of the US? the car is now in China.


January that's the brake booster starting to fail but I mean if it works okay otherwise as long as it stops and the pedal doesn't stick to the floor you can live with it

it works just fine, only noise right now, I am just worry if the problem is come from brakes, its safe to drive now?


I don't know. If there are Ford dealers in China you could ask them but I'm thinking it won't be that simple. Try to contact Ford China directly for an answer. This is all I could find. The only word I understand is Ford.

China is way out of my lane. Good luck.