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I have been in the marketplace recently I know probably the worst place to buy a car, but honestly what I'm looking for I don't really have many other options so I came across two cars I wanted that are in my budget that is $2,500 the first one is a 2003 Toyota Avalon with 185,000 miles on it and the second car is a 1999 Acura Cl Coupe with 177,000 miles on it. Which one is the better buy? I know both can be reliable. But I also know that the transmission tends to go out on a lot of cars and those two are not shy of the problem any advice would be helpful and also what is the first thing I should do when I buy the car other than drive it home. Also I don't have a mechanic I can look at it locally the cars are out of area thanks 

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I do the Avalon but either way I would have a mechanic check it on first being that old there's a lot of things that need testing by a pro mechanic


If you can't have them checked out mechanically; test drive them both for sure. Don't buy sight unseen, and don't be desperate to get something, take your time. There's always vehicles coming up. I was in the market as well. Test drove several and afterwards, I wouldn't even give them half the asking price. Kept looking and eventually found the one that was right. 


I wouldn't buy either unless a mechanic inspects it and it has a clean title.


Scotty's video answer at 4:05