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Should I drive my 30yo car down the freeway at 100 miles per hour


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I have an old 93 celica with 120,000 miles would it be wrong for me to push the engine, 80-100mph on the free way? How much damage would it do to the engine (5sfe)

Can you? Yeah, I’m sure you can. Should you? Probably not. That’s way above the speed limit, first of all, and the ideal highway speed would be somewhere around 55-65 MPH in top gear/OD. If the engine is in good health and can handle a steady 3K RPM for a prolonged period without overheating or breaking down, then I say sure. You know your car better then anyone. If it hadn’t had any issues in normal driving, I wouldn’t be averse to it, but personally I think 70 should be your cap.

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Not only wrong but stupid as well.


Inadvisable on so many levels.


Can it even get to 100mph?


Hypothetically speaking, the engine is only one part of the equation for speed. You have to look at your tires, worn suspension, brakes, road conditions, and more. I don’t advise breaking the law when it comes to speeding. 

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would it be wrong

Define wrong.


Illegal? Yeah.

Bad for the engine? Yeah you're pushing an old engine to the limit. 

Unsafe for you and the car? Probably, unless its been done over and built for it. 

Unsafe for others? Yeah, I might be driving down the road with my family along side of you. 


So if you dont care about the engine, the car, the law, your safety, and others safety, then no its not wrong. 


I used to do it in my 01 Sequoia with over 180000 miles but that doesn't mean its a good idea