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Thoughts on a 1988 Mercedes Benz 190E


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Hey Scotty. I bought a 1988 Mercedes Benz 190e 2.3 with 153400 miles for 400 dollars. All it needed was an idle air control valve and a fuel distributor. What are your thoughts on this? Also what do you recommend maintenance wise?

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It can be a fun weekend car. For maintenance, do regular maintenance (change the fluids, spark plugs, air filter). You may also need to clean the carburetor. 

What about the transmission fluid? I haven’t found any record of transmission fluid change.

Yeah, you may inspect it first and then decide what to do.

You should also check out the rubber bits for condition - radiator hoses, belts, bushings, etc. can deteriorate in 30+ years.


I am not a Mercedes Benz fan, but those are pretty good cars. That said, I would use it as a weekend toy since its 23 years old and it would not make sense to daily drive it. Just take good care of it and it can be a decent car.