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1994 Trans am dies when engine warm


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Hey scotty! I have a 1994 Pontiac Trans am with 125,000 miles that starts right up & runs just fine but once it reaches operating temperature the engine dies & refuses to start for about 30 minutes i’ve put a new computer and a few vacuum lines on it & still have this problem, what do you believe the issue is? Optispark possibly?

Does it crank?

Yes, it will just crank & crank & crank like it has no fuel or spark

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You may have an electronic part or sensor failing when it heats up and working again when cool (ignition control module, crankshaft position sensor or distributor pickup, etc.).

When the engine dies this way try spraying a little starting fluid into the intake. If it doesn't briefly start you'll know you have no spark. If it the engine does fire up you have spark but no fuel.

You could also try seeing if there are any OBD1 codes stored:


Try Chuck’s advice. Also -