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1998 Mercedes C280


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Hey Scotty, recently started watching your videos last year and have learned a ton about cars from you, thanks!

I had a question about a used car I recently bought, wondering what you think of it. It's a 1998 Mercedes C280 with 177,000 miles, automatic transmission. Interior is in near perfect condition, mechanically the car works great and has no problems. Only thing I've noticed is when I switch gears, the transmission is delayed and it jumps a bit when it changes gears. I know how much you hate Mercedes but I just wanted an honest opinion. 

Thanks and much love from Florida!

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Well they all turn into money pits and that's on the verge because the transmission starting to go out if I were you I'd try to sell it for whatever I paid unless you want to spend many thousands in the near future


I have a 1999 Audi A6 manual transmission, if you want to keep the car better get a junkyard transmission and pray.