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lower radiator hose broke loose, engine overheated ,oil pressure light came on, fixed the hose but the oil pressure light is solid on and no check engine light


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i have a 1997 roadtrek Dodge Van Ram 5.2 liter (b3500) with less than 91000 miles, today as i was driving with A/C on (live in Vegas) i noticed the temp gauge needle is rising and since there was no cross street ,i kept driving it until i was able to make a right turn. parked the car and noticed there is a leak from the front so i put some water and coolant and decided to go back home about 18 miles. i drove couple of blocks and the needle was approaching the "H" at the same time the oil pressure light came on and i decided to pull over and park the van. after checking underneath i noticed the lower hose had come off completely and asked my step son to buy a hose clamp with screw and bring it to me, after we replaced the hose back on he had bought a straight coolant which we pour in the radiator, added enough water while engine was running and the oil light was not on and no tapping or knocking noise but while driving the van back the oil light came on, engine temp. was fine so i thought perhaps it's a faulty temp. sensor, so i kept driving and the light is still on and the tapping noise or knocking noise can be heard. i did not use the A/C coming back. i am  puzzled why the temp. gauge came on when engine overheated, and whether or not something major has happened to the engine. and if not what additive you recommend for the noise and how to trouble shoot the oil pressure light. i have always done the maintenance on this van myself and do not trust mechanics. also the oil pressure light last month it was coming on and going off when turning. the miles are original and i have been very satisfied with the 5.2 liter engine. today i am concerned if and internal damage has been done to the engine and do you recommend driving it the way it is until i take care of the problem because both my spouse and i are disable and need the van to go to our dr. and therapy appts. engine had oil and was not low on oil. please advise,

thanks for your time, i truly learn from your you tube videos ,specially the additives you recommend. there are so good that i can't find couple of them anywhere online.

All The Best   John 


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Unfortunately if you lose all your coolant the oil light comes on generally damage has been done till the engine. I would start by analyzing the oil pressure system to make sure that it has good oil pressure by putting a gauge on the engine start there praying something like maybe a oil pump seal was blown and you don't need to rebuild the whole engine