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1999 Infiniti G20 P340 Camshaft Sensor Code


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My car will crank but not turn over. I ran a scan and received a 'P340 Camshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Bank 1 or Single Sensor' code. I called for a sensor but was told only a distributor was on stock. Is the sensor part of the distributor? Is setting the timing required as well? In short, is this a simple replacement a novice DIYer like me can tackle, or are there other things involved that would better handled by a mechanic?

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Annette models part of the distributor I have a video on replacing distributor on the Scotty camera channel just type in replacing distributor on your car Scotty kilmer on YouTube and you can watch it


Replace the sensor (Autozone #SU4009 - $58.99) and reset the timing to specs (under hood decal) with a timing light on the crank pulley.