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2000 Toyota Tundra acting crazy


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2000 toyota tundra auto 4x4, 4.7v8 truck issues> +300,000mi.

this truck is acting CRAZY, it will make a high pitch noise when first starting up , then goes away when in reverse, noise comes back in neutral, then goes away in drive... It drives fine. but when you return, when you take it out of drive into neutral the engine cuts off, you crank back up while in neutral  , then shift it through reverse and into park , the engine cuts off again after about 5 seconds.......

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Your transmission is toast.

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think its the trans.?

Yes, and it is NOT a reason for a down vote.  How many times in the last 22 years has the trans fluid and filter been changed?

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i dont know, i recently bought it.... i havent, since i bought it..... think will remedy the issue? i thought of doing all that, just so i would know myself