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How do I fix my ABS fault


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I have a 2007 dodge charger ex police car. It has 222250 miles on it.

It has abs code u140e which has been there since I bought the car 2 yrs ago.

But the new codes are c1035, u1418, & u140c.

I hooked up my scanner and looking at the sensor, it shows 0 when you first start driving but when you start picking up speed it Max's out at 8191 and stays there even when stopped.. I replaced the sensor and still had same codes but when you pull the sensor up on the scan tool it was already maxed out at 8191 without moving.. I checked resistance of the new one and I had different numbers no matter what lead was on what pin. But the old one read ol one way and had numbers the other. I then checked the left sensor and it read ol one way and numbers the other which was close to what the right sensor read. I tried to spin the wheel and check for voltage but wasn't really getting what I felt was good data but it was low on the left side and when I checked the right side it was about the same and then shot up for a second.  But I was having to fight holding my leads on the pins.
So I guess my ? Are. Should I buy another sensor and try that or could the tone wheel be bad.. I did look down the sensor hole and could not see any obvious damage. Or what else should I check or do.. any tips tricks comments or concerns appreciated..

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Perhaps you have a faulty Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Module