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Car tries to start on its own


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Hi Scott 

My name Luis and I have a 2010 Dodge Avenger Express, 2.4L, automatic with 101,000

I had the car at the mechanic to have something check and all of a sudden a new problem. While the car is on the starter try’s to engage again. You can hear it hitting the fly wheel. We try a few things. I replace the starter since I had warranty, nothing. I replace the TIPM since the starter relay is built in it nothing. The mechanic thinks that the computer is giving a false reading to the starter while it’s on. I told him about the ignition switch and he said no, otherwise the car won’t turn on. I had the car tow home so I can play with it check the wiring and nothing also. What did happen when I turn off the car, the starter on its own was trying to turn the car on. 
Do you thing it can be the computer. Computers are very expensive when there new. There’s a company that will sell a used one that they will program it with the vin number that I will need to send them. I don’t want to spend for a new computer. Please let me know if you can help me in correcting this problem.

Thank you 

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Probably not the computer. Maybe the WIN/WCM module.

This is a case where you need a dealer level scanner to see if the WIN/WCM module is getting an erroneous start signal from the ignition key position or if it's erroneously sending a start signal to the TIPM because it has a internal problem.

You could even have an intermittent short to power on the wire from the integrated starter relay to the S terminal on the starter.

Chryslers are notorious for electrical issues and all this stuff (WCM, TIPM, ECU communicate over data lines and running these issues down without a dealer level scanner is tough.