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2010 f150


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I'm saving up to buy they maintenance guy at my work old work truck since thy bought him a new van it a 2wd 2010 f150 he thinks it has the v8 3valve not sure if 5.4 or 4.6 I've seen car wizards videos on how bad the triton v8 5.4 3 valve is but it always been serviced at the ford dealership it got 270k mostly highway miles runs great had the transmission replaced at ford dealership around 50-60k miles ago had the spark plugs changed at 180k miles he said it doesn't burn oil everything works its a basic work truck only wants $2500 I believe it's a great deal what yall think 

Ever heard of punctuation.

You don't have to make smart elic comments everything you read something you don't like butthem again when so.eoneelse says something smart you have a problem with. You ever heard of being a hypocrite.

Doc is right. If you put some effort into writing your question, people won't give up trying to understand it half-way through, and you'll get more feedback.

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I would look at something else. That is a very high mileage truck and although it is highway mileage- I don't think it's worth it in my opinion. If you do want it, lower the price to 2k.

I've thought the same thing I been looking at prices of remanufacterd engines online but they vary do you know around how much a good one would be after installed ?


Listen to what Car Wizard suggested.