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Bad Gas Mileage


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Scotty I bought a 2019 Kia Optima S auromatic brand new and it  now has 40k on it. I live in Southern Calif and do mostly freeway driving a little city driving. I dont have a lead foot and I drive around 75 mph. The tires are inflated properly oil changes regular and no weight in the car other than myself. The car gets about 16 mpg in the city and maybe 20 mpg. I have complained to the dealer and the car has been there many times since I bought it new on May 2019. I have called KIA of Northern America and tried to file a complaint but they are not on the consumers side at all, They back up the dealer. Its a nice looking car and a nice ride but its a gas burner Scotty. I got better gas mileage with my 1972 Corvette and my international Scout II. The dealer has taken the car many times and test driven it all over the place and all hey can tell me is that everything is ok and within specs. It coast me $75.00 to fill my tank and it drinks the gas like a pig. They tell me the gas winter blend or summer blend and now they tell e I need to bring the car in for a fuel system and injector treatment or cleaning and transmission service. More crap to sell me more money to burn. I wish I never bought this car thats for sure.The window sticker said the EPA was 24 city 33 highway. Nowhere even close.People on the street I talk to with the same car tell me they get way better gas mileage. My car has an 18,5 gallon tank. If Im lucky I will get 300 miles to a tank of gas on a good day maybe 350 miles to a tank of gas.This is not the ar of my dreams by any means but come on does the EPA and the window sticker on the car lie that much? Are other people that have the same car as mine lie as well? Well thank you for letting me ask my question and state my complaint to you and your other followers. Scotty West

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Thank you. I'll add this to the list of reasons not to buy a Kia.



Follow this video:



slow down

learn to coast instead of slamming on the brakes before stopping

much depends on how you drive

small engines have to work hard to maintain high speed

try to stay under 2000 rpm

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Maybe, just maybe, if you didn't drive 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, you'd get better gas mileage.


That is definitely a horrible gas mileage for a sedan. I had a 2015 Ford Fusion SE before and I did highway only like you do with a little city driving. I got 35  mpg. And no, my Fusion wasn't a hybrid. Did I follow the speed limit? No. I always drove 80, 85, 90 in 70 zone.