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2010 Ford Fusion


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My 2010 Fusion is driving me nuts.  All the blend door actuators are good.  The climate control module is good.  The evap temperature sensor was recently replaced.  I have cool air coming out of the defroster vents, and I cannot select other vents for the air to blow through, and cannot switch from cool to hot air.  If I pull the fuse and wait a few minutes, I get hot air blowing out of the dash vents, but still cannot change what vents the air comes through.  When I turn the key to the on position with the heat off, I can hear the blend door actuator near the gas pedal cycle back and forth twice, then stop.  Then either later that day or the next, I have cool air coming only through the defroster vents again.  I cannot figure out how to fix this.  Someone please give me some help or ideas.

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Well unfortunately those things are all computer run and the only way you can work on is with a dealer level scan tool that does bi-directional testing and then shows how the data changes as you test different modules. That's just how complex they make that crap these days I can't stand it either

Thanks Scotty. I figured I would probably have to do that but was trying to avoid a huge repair bill. I miss the days back in the 80s when cars were so simple to diagnose and repair.