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Camry or Accord?


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Hi, I'm trying to buy my next car in the next few months and am looking at buying an early 2000s (newer than 1999, older than 2004) Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. I will most likely get the 4 cylinder version of either car with an automatic transmission.

In my area, they tend to go from anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 depending on the mileage and condition etc. Most are in good mechanical condition, claimed by the owner.

My needs will mostly be mixed city and highway driving, about evenly split. I do like to drive hard, although that's normal for a 17 year old. 

My hopes are for whichever car I end up with to last at least 2 years at the very least with minimal mechanical issues, as I'm not mechanically inclined at all once I leave a computer. I'm hoping to spend $3,000 or less.


In my research, I've found that Honda Accords from this generation tend to have issues with things such as their paint and auto-transmissions. I haven't looked at the Camry's in a long time but from everyone I've talked to, they're great reliable cars.

Some other cars I'm looking at based on family suggestions and personal interest would be a 2006 or newer Chevy Impala, a Ford Fusion, or a Pontiac Grand Prix.

I will be taking either one on a long road trip after I graduate high school come May. Thanks!

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Because of the transmission slipping issues with this generation of Accord, I would stick with the Camry