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2016 silverado 1500 5.3 11640 miles


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Hey scotty my truck recently started acting strange recently, I just had five codes pop up which is code p2227 barometric pressure circus range performance, code p2228 barometric circuit slow, code p0113 intake air temperature sensor circuit high, code p0097 intake air temperature sensor to circuit low,  code p00f4 DTC definition of found referred to vehicle service manual. Im just having a tough time trying to figure out where are these sensors located?

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I would start by cleaning off your MAF sensor. Scotty has a good video on it:


I did clean it it is still acting the same

That makes me think the issue is likely an electrical problem. Those are very hard to track down without being able to physically examine the vehicle.


Those are all intake sensors, and it suspicious that they're all giving problems at the same time. I would take a good hard look at the wiring. I'm guessing that they all share a wiring harness, and share a grounding point.

The wiring harness looks in good shape


The air filter housing


Clean out the sludge. Change your PCV valve and air filter. Make sure your oil is clean and at the right level.

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I have sludge going into my air intake tube