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2018 Lexus lx 470 vs 2018 Range Rover


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Scotty,  l am looking to buy suv. I have lx 470 and range rover in mind. Which one has a good récord of durability and cost effective when it comes to maintenance I need your advice.

Thank you.

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Go Lexus on this one.


Well, the Lexus is gonna outlast the Landrover by a landslide. Land rovers are endless money pits and they always have been for the past 20+ years. Now if you are gonna just use the Range Rover on the weekends, you can get one but don't pay a whole bunch of money since they have no resale value. For daily driving go with the Lexus.


Do you really mean the 2018 Lexus LX570?  Either way, the Lexus LX is more durable than the Range Rover.  If you plan to keep for a long time and put as much miles as possible, go with the Lexus LX.  The Lexus you can buy, but the Range Rover should only be leased (and returned before the warranty expires).