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2021 Toyota Rav 4 LE hubcaps are crap...


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I purchased a new 2021 Toyota Rav 4 LE this past November. I love the car, but recently hit a curb and sent one of the hubcaps flying across the street where it was shortly ran over by the car following me. I recovered the part but it's truly mangled, and the Toyota dealership said there's no option but to replace it. They're trying to charge me $150 ish for ONE cheap plastic hubcap, so I'm definitely not doing that. The other option is to buy a set of generic hubcaps from Autozone (or equivalent) for around $50 ish. Part of me wants to get a set that won't fly off my car if I accidentally brush a curb. Is there a different type of hubcap that won't just come off easily? If so where is the best and cheapest place to buy them? Thanks! 

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Instead of focusing on hub caps, here's a crazy idea ...  Stop hitting curbs.

I Dont Know


Funny... I don't hit many!


Hubcaps today are not what they were decades ago when they were steel, some quite heavy, and gripped really well. (Of course those could pop off as well under sufficient stress.) Today's plastic hubcaps flex, crack, and lose their grip more readily.

Check around, you may be able to find a used factory hub cap. Possible sources would be someone who has purchased fancy wheels and is selling off the stock wheels and hubcaps, or a wrecked RAV4 in a junkyard.


It looks like you could get one a lot cheaper on Ebay



Take off all the other hubcaps and enjoy your unique look..