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2022 Corolla already having problems! CVT?


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Hey Scotty,

I have a 2022 Corolla SE with 18k miles and I'm hearing a rattling/chattering sound when accelerating. I didn't hear any unusual sounds for the first 12K miles but then I started hearing this rattling/chattering sound when I accelerate at all rpm ranges. To me it sounds like bearings clanging or metal on metal. I took it to the dealer and told them what I heard and they basically dismissed my concerns and did nothing. The decal says the car was made in Japan which I think is awesome and the salesman said it was a great car because it was built there, but I am concerned about this noise. What do you think?

Can you please make a YouTube video of the noise and post the link here?

What engine displacement?

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Does it make the noise when you rev up the engine while stopped, in P?

Use this technique to pinpoint the source of the noise -