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3 cylinder engines


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What's the mileage/life expectancy of cars with the new 3 cylinder engines. Consider a 2024 Chevy Trax with a 1.2-liter LIH 3-cylinder turbo engine. Thanks for any help!

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They are junk.  Don’t even consider the Trax.  I would even avoid Toyota’s 3-cylinder engines.


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Well I'm not really familiar with those engines but that tiny turbo engine in Chevy product are proven to fall apart after the warranty. The Toyota GR Corolla has a 3 cylinder turbo that puts 300 horsepower which long term longevity is very questionable for such a tiny engine that puts massive power. The only reliable 3 cylinder engine offered here in the U.S. I can think of is the Geo Metro which is very sluggish to accelerate without turbo but they can last.


Avoid them while you can. I have a feeling 3-cylinder forced induction engines will become more and more common place. Even in more powerful cars.