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[Solved] Can a 90s Mazda handle nine hours on the motorway?


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In three weeks; I plan to take a 1998 Mazda 323; 1.5i; 16V GLX on a trip to Italy with my friends.

Our destination is 935 km from our starting point (580 mi) ( and the same distance back).

Can the car handle this? It is a 1.5 liter gasoline engine making 88 hp. 5 speed manual gearbox.

What checks should be done before the trip? 

The car's got 172,000 km (106 xxx miles).



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Posted by: @dianacarbuff5

Can the car handle this?

Depends only on its mechanical condition.


Anyone’s assessment without even seeing the car is about as accurate an a magic 8 ball


As far as what to look out for, is that it was properly serviced - especially the timing belt

Take it to a good mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection.


Well, have it inspected by your trusted mechanic and take care of any urgent maintenance items which have the potential to leave you stranded. 

At a minimum, if not done already, change the engine oil and filter and have the engine tuned up.

Buon viaggio!


Paging @dan for this one.