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[Solved] Can Scotty Make Me Feel Like A Man Again?!


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Last weekend I changed the oil in the 99/01 FrankenCamry for the 66th time. Then yesterday I tackled changing the oil in the 2018 RAV-4 (bought used 4 months ago) for the 1st time. Got the filter cartridge from local Toyota dealer and the syn 0W20 oil from Wal-Mart. Opened the oil pan bolt and drained the old oil. Used ratchet to remove plug from the '18 oil filter. Then I inserted my new filter remover, setting the slots on the "wings". I pushed my ratchet, but no avail. I tapped the end of the ratchet with a 16 oz hammer. Nothing. I could not budge the ratchet at all!

I gave up and poured the new oil in, leaving the old filter one. My testosterone level dropped by at least 50%.


Any help?

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I use a 3 foot long piece of 3/4" pipe for stuff like this.  Comes off every time.


Use a long cheater bar to make it loose. 

I bought the bar at Harbor Freight...and it worked! Now if only these paper filters came with white, red or yellow O-rings instead of black.


Cheater bars are excellent for this situation. Use them all the time.


My daughters Hyundai Santafe is like that. They must use a course thread for the filter so it locks on very quick and if you really tighten it, with heat the darn gasket gets locked. You will have to put a small cheater bar on your ratchet and put on a glove so you dont bang your hand. It will go!


The less muscle power, and the more brain power we use, The more accomplished we are at being men. Counter intuitive in a way…

2000 years ago, Archimedes purportedly said “give me a lever long enough, and I can lift the earth”. I don’t know about that, but you can get your oil filter off.