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Clock Spring/Horn Wiring


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Does anyone know the name of the wire that connects to the clock spring that makes the horn work when you press it or where I can buy a replacement wire. I have a 2002 Ford Ranger 3.0L.

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Are you taking about the spiral cable?


That spiral cable is called a clock spring, because it looks like a winder spring in an old clock. The contacts in the horn pad connect to it, as well as the cruise control buttons (if you have them) and the airbag I believe. I've torn apart a few steering columns on older Rangers at the junkyard to get an idea of what I was up against to install cruise control in mine. You may need to get an entirely new airbag/ horn pad assembly, I don't remember that section of wire being individually replaceable. You're messing around with the airbag when you pull that apart, so disconnect the battery and let it sit for a while to discharge.