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Code P0300 on and off Chevy Silverado


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Hello everyone,
First of all, I have a Chevy Silverado (I know that many people think it is a piece of garbage, but I like it ) year 2017, 5.3 V8, 4x4 with 21750 miles. Yesterday the computer displayed error P0300 and of course the pick up was failing. I restart the computer, the code disappears and the pick up is already working normal. I want to think that something is still wrong, has any of you been through the same thing or have an idea what's going on? I would very much appreciate your answers.
Just to mention I already changed the "MAF" sensor and the throttle position sensor.

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Random misfires can be one of the hardest things to pinpoint cuz it's about two dozen different things that can cause it.I would wait until it stays on then take it to a guy like me who will analyze live and mode six data in an attempt to discover why it's coming on


See the misfire topic in our FAQ